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Workers compensation and quitting your job

Vernal, UT |

if i"m receiving w/c and i don"t wanta go back to work for the company that i got hurt at while i"m not able to work will i still be able to get benefits until i"m released from my doctor?.or do i lose all benefits?

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You could jeopardize your benefits by quitting your job before your doctor releases you. Before you go any further at least consult with a local worker’s comp, attorney an discus your options.

Good luck.

DISCLAIMER: David J. McCormick is licensed to practice law in the State of Wisconsin and this answer is being provided for informational purposes only because the laws of your jurisdiction may differ. This answer based on general legal principles and is not intended for the purpose of providing specific legal advice or opinions. Under no circumstances does this answer constitute the establishment of an attorney-client relationship.


If the company has light work available within your restrictions, but you have quit, you could easily lose your benefits for the period that they could accommodate you. You should definitely run your plan past a Utah WC Attorney, but it sounds like a very bad idea to me.

We give free general concepts to be helpful, but you should give ALL your facts to a licensed Attorney in your state before you RELY upon any legal advice.


I agree with Mr McCormick. But having said that, we outlawed slavery in this country 175 years ago. You don't have to go back.