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Workers comp question,how long does it take to get approved for surgery?

Griffin, GA |

i was refered to a 3 disc curvical fusion surgery by my dr in it is obviously feb and i have heard not a word from anyone.what could be happening behind closed doors as far as with my attorney and workers comp?im still recieving my disability checks,but i would like to have an idea of how long this could be dragged out?

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Since you have an attorney, you should contact your attorney and get the information directly from him/her b/c only your knows what he/she is doing for you. I can tell you that Insurance companies tend to drag their feet. Insurance companies delay, deny and defend in an effort to minimize claims so it is not surprising that a couple months have passed after requesting surgery. Regardless, you should contact your attorney and ask about the status and where you go from here. Your current attorney is best suited to address your concerns.

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Only your lawyer would know about your case, thus, give him a call for an update.

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I agree that you should talk to your lawyer. I don't practice in your state. I can tell you in the state of Virginia where I practice if there is any question about the surgery--whether it is necessary, whether it will do you any good, whether it is necessitated by your accident, etc.---the insurance company will obtain a second medical opinion which can drag things out.

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Your attorney should request a conference call with the judge (if there's no judge assigned, he/she should file a hearing request to get one assigned) to get the procedure approved asap. Chances are good that the insurance company is trying to arrange a defense medical exam with a doctor who'll say you don't need the surgery. But again, ask your attorney what's going on and to file a hearing request and/or schedule the conference call.