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Workers comp for emotional distress?

Spokane, WA |

I have been exposed to a very hostile work environment and its had a negative impact on my health such as emotional distress and having to go through therapy. Can I get workers compensation for it?

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No, you cannot get workers' compensation for emotional distress.

Drew D Dalton

Drew D Dalton


This is not actually the always the case in Washington.


No, for the physical injury. Still, get a WC attorney

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The real answer in Washington is maybe. You cannot get worker's compensation for emotional stress if it is normal stress experienced in the work place. However, in some instances you can. These include when the stress rises out of one specific incident and/or is in connection with another injury claim. If you cannot file a worker's compensation claim you may be able to file a workplace discrimination claim. I would highly recommend you discuss your options with an attorney.

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