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Workers comp benefits canceled

Prairie Du Sac, WI |

My husband had an IME done and now all benefits have stopped and employer has laid him off. Employer states that he can refill out an application and he will be considered for a position. But the main problem is benefits have stopped because IME doctor said there is nothing wrong, but 2 other doctors say there is something wrong. What should be our next step?

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Attorney answers 1


The worker's compensation insurance carrier is entitled to have your husband reviewed by their own doctor. You should contact a worker's compensation attorney to discuss a worker's compensation claim if you believe that the injury has not fully healed.

There may also be a potential claim against the employer, however you do not indicate if your husband was released back to work or if he could perform his former job with his current restrictions. Again, I would contact a worker's compensation attorney to discuss a potential refusal to rehire claim against the employer.