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Worker's comp doctors are billing me after my case has been settled. My WC lawyer is not very helpful. What should I do?

Sacramento, CA |

I informed the doctors on the day my case was settled, but after 20 month they are saying the WC insurance has denied them. please advise. Thank you

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Tell them that the WC Insurance Company is their only remedy for a work injury. Your Attorney should assist you, so that they do not erroneously tarnish your credit.

We offer general concepts, but you should give ALL your facts to a licensed Attorney in your state before you RELY upon any legal advice.


Need to verify the terms of the settlement included any unpaid bills and your attorney, the doctor or you need to contact the insurance company. In Illinois you can file a petition to enforce the settlement and request penalties for the failure to pay bills covered by the settlement. I expect CA has similiar rules.

Good luck


Did you settle your case with continuing medical care (Stip and Award) or without continuing medical care (Compromise and Release)? Are the doctors billing you for treatment before or after the settlement? Are they billing you for treatment related to the work injury or for something else?

If they are billing for work injury related treatment and treatment from before the settlement, you might want to direct them to labor code 3751(b) that prohibits them from billing you and makes it a felony. Your lawyer should have a form letter for this type of situation. Make an office appointment to see him. Take a copy of the bill with you.



Thank you kindly for your advice. My case was settled without continuing medical care and my last treatment was received prior to the settlement date.