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Work Visa fro Non Profit Organization

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I'm 28 years, Argentinian/ Colombian. Currently Living in Buenos Aires. citizen and I have an offer from a U.S. NGO to work with them. Will be the first time they sponsor someone. They are really small (less than 10 people) but legally approved in the US. They can become a working Visa Sponsor, but they can hire me as a Contractor. Is There a way they Apply for work visa as contractor? What kind of visa could be? My experience is about seven years in Communications & Marketing & Public Relations and I have four years of university studies without the formal title. Thank you.

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You cannot be a contractor generally. Your employer who sponsors you need to give you a W-2 salary.

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Thanks for your quick answer. So which type of visa the NGO should use to hire me? I am not sure the meaning about W-2 salary Thanks, Gracias!!


They should hire an immigration attorney to look into their options.

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What visa is most appropriate depends on the job requirements and your credentials. There are several types of visas to work in the United States. Your employer's attorney can best advise what visas are applicable and available. To address your question about what is a W-2, this relates to the type of employee you would be - an employee vs. an independent contractor. For an H-1B visa, for example, you cannot be an independent contractor. You must be a regular employee on payroll with appropriate taxes deducted.

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