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Worcester fid card problems

Worcester, MA |

It been about 53 days from my application date since the law states they have 40 days. I called the police department they. Told me they whent possesing my app yet they are olny prossesing June's right now and told my they have 140 days! Are they lying ?? Cab they do this?

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The usual standard for the FID card was up to 6 weeks, but numerous police departments are indicating that there has been an increase in the volume of applications, which has dragged it out. So you might be waiting a bit longer than this. It will not help you to complaint o the PD about it. Be polite to them and they will be polite to you. Good luck.


This is really a licensing questions. Change the practice area to licensing to elicit more responses.

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I would be patient. Due to recent events FID card applications have sky rocketed. The Police control whether or not you get an FID card so be nice to them.

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Mass. Gen. Laws c. 140 section 129B (3) requires the licensing authority to either approve or deny your FID application within 40 days of the application. However, I agree with Attorney Gerace and have heard of many people experiencing delays. Since there has been a huge increase in applications, there is simply just not enough resources to process the applications as described in c. 140 section 129B(3).

With that being said, there is not anything wrong with following up on the status of your application but you should be polite. Obviously being rude or having an aggressive attitude will not help you obtain an FID card.

If the officer said they have 140 days to process your applications, the officer is mistaken. This seems like a odd mistake for someone from the licensing authority to make. Perhaps you misunderstood them and they were simply explaining that the application will actual take 140 days to process given the volume of applicants or the officer misunderstood your question.

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Keith G Langer

Keith G Langer


Note that your 90-day appeal period starts to run 41 days after the application was submitted.

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