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Wondering if Withdrawal and Discharged means same?

Sacramento, CA |

I was charged with sexual assault however, while cross-examining the victim at the pretrial, she did confess making up the stories against me and the crown decided to withdraw the case (which he did) however, when i received the disposition they ticked the box for discharged instead of ticking/checking the box for withdrawal. Do both mean same and if not what are the differences?

Also I had applied for my citizenship and the CIS is asking for the court disposition of the charges against me. With this kind of disposition will it affect my status and or application?

Thanks in advance

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By the "crown" I assume you mean the prosecution. Cases in general are dismissed, not withdrawn. For immigration impact check with an immigration attorney.


Your case was dismissed. What may have happened is the DA told the judge they were unable to proceed and the judge dismissed the case. We are no longer under the crown.
Robert Driessen

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