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Wondering if i have a case for wrongful termination.

Kansas City, MO |

worked for same bank for 7 years without complaint. a couple of months ago I had the opportunity to speak with a superior about a few problems. shortly after that I was written up....then I was written up again...and now within two and a half months time i have been terminated. I was not written up this last time just verbally let go the reason was for breach of privacy..which did not happen since no other customers saw the information - only bank employees

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No are presumably an at-will employee......listener did not like you which is not illegal.

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You have no cause of action to sue for wrongful termination under the facts as cited here. All employment is considered "at will", unless you were made to leave your prior job or made to move in order to accept the job, none of which is the case in this instance. Sorry.

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With all due respect to the other attorneys who have answered, I do not believe we know enough to make a blanket statement that you have no case.

The question turns on what "problems" you discussed with your superior. If you were complaining about treatment you were receiving based on race, gender, religion, disability, or national origin (and possibly sexual orientation, as you say your are in KCMO), then this could be a case for retaliation and/or discrimination.

However, if the "problems" were garden variety workplace complaints, then the other attorneys are correct.

If the situation is more the former than the latter, call a local employment attorney--most will do free consultations. You can find a list of specialists at Good luck.

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The only cause of action for "wrongful termination" in Missouri is for whistleblower wrongful termination. And whistleblower wrongful termination is only a cause of action if you told someone other than the supervisor engaging in the activity. Depending on what problems you were bringing to the supervisor you could have a claim. If it was just a complaint about how they run the business, they probably had a legal reason to terminate you.

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