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Won my DMV hearing in CA got a wet reckless from court will the wet reckless show up on my DVM print out this is my firs DUI,

Chatsworth, CA |

Just wondering if a wet reckless will show up on my DMV print out after winning the DMV hearing and the court giving me a wet reckless?

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Yes. Also, a wet is still considered a prior DUI if you get another DUI within 10 yrs.

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Yes it will. And yes it is priorable for 10 years like a DUI.


Yes a wet reckless will show up on your DMV printout it is a two point
violation a license suspension will not show up congratulations on winning
your DMV administrative hearing your attorney should have explained this to
you. Also a wet is priorable like a dui for 10 years



Thank you. Still trying to clear the suspension and BAC levels from my DMV record. Been battling with the action board asking them to remove them form my record. I place myself on suspension before the hearing and then won ask for it to be removed no luck as yet.

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