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Witness Fee's and mileage California Courts

Chico, CA |

My children and I were served subpoenas to testify as witness in a case. The 1st time I appeared in court they rescheduled the court date to a later time. Do I get fee's & mileage for this? The next court date all 3 of us were ordered to appear, but only myself and 1 of my daughters testified, they said my other daughter was not needed. Do all 3 of us get witness fee's? I appeared for a total of 3 days and my daughters appeared 1 day. One last thing what is the Witness Fee Amount & Mileage Rate for California?

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Yes, you are entitled to be paid for all three days. Yes, all three of you are entitled to witness fees. A witness is entitled to $35 plus 20 cents a mile for miles actually travelled both going and coming.

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