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Withdrawal at port of entry on visit visa. What are the chances of getting an F1 visa?

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My sister visited US on a visiting visa 4 years back and at the port of entry she had to withdraw her application as she was carrying some educational documents which were present along with her other visa documents. It was genuinely an unknown mistake and she had no intention to study at that time. If she really had any dishonest plans she would not have carried them so openly with her. Now after 4 years and gaining work experience back home, she wants to pursue higher education. What are her chances for an F1 visa and complications at port of entry?

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This is a repeat question. Please read my prior answer.

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her chances are great as long as she can secure a student visa first prior to coming into the U.S., but if she plans on coming again as a tourist with having intent to go to school she will be sent back again.


Have her look into the student visa with her trusted immigration adviser offline. Best of luck

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