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With immigration and triggering the ten year bar....

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I have returned to Mexico in an attempt to legally enter the United States as I enterered illegally involuntary as a child I am married to a us citizen and we have one biological child and I've raised her other four....I have since applied for a visa but was denied because of insufficient ties to Mexico I want to know what is the quickest way to be with my family I have had my fingerprints run when doing my visa and having no criminal background there really isn't any record of me bieng in the US

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If you are married to a us citizen, your spouse should file for you. You really should have consulted with a lawyer first as you may have been eligible for something like deferred action. Now, you have a year wait at a minimum. Your spouse need to consult with a good immigration lawyer to review the process.

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I agree with my colleague. You need to consult an experienced immigration attorney to assist you in this matter. While you say there is no record of you being in the U.S., you must answer questions truthfully. Good luck.

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I agree with my colleagues. You need to seek a competent and experienced immigration attorney.

Actually, there is a potential record if you have children with a U.S. Citizen. If a consular official reasonably believes that you are disqualified, then you can be denied and additional evidence can be requested. The point is that you need to use care, because if you lie to a consular official, and are found out, then the bar can be indefinite. "Indefinite" can be "permanent."

There are many who have been subject to 212(a)(6)(C)(i) fraud bars, even if married to U. S. Citizens.

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