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With a husband who has a cdv charge use adultery against his wife?

Inman, SC |

I have a friend that het husband has cdv charges she found someone that treats her better anf dont hit her or anything like he did can she be faulted for adultery in the state of sc

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It is still adultery but how it can be used depends. Adultery would give husband grounds for divorce and prevent alimony, of course the CDV may be significant enough to give her grounds for divorce based on physical cruelty. I would recommend having her consult a local family law attorney to advise on options, consequences of adultery, and what she would like to do. Good luck.

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I agree. She should consult an attorney. If she isn't after alimony and there isn't much in marital property for division, then her adultery likely won't affect her position that much. However, that being said, she should consult an attorney before disclosing any more information.

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