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With a DUI am i able to get a student visa to study for a master's in London for a year?

Los Angeles, CA |

I have been charged with a DUI. the STUPIDEST thing i have ever done.i regret it every morning i wake up. i even thought about killing myself because i felt so guilty and i've never done anything so horrible. no parking tickets not even detention in high school. fortunately, i thank God because nobody got hurt, no accident..just a misdemeanor. i have learned my lesson and i will continue to live with this and the lesson i've learned.

My question however is about my future. I'd like to study abroad in London for my masters, a year long program. I know certain countries ban anybody with a record to be allowed into their country. Is the UK one of them?

Also, my DUI may be reduced to a lower charge like a wet reckles..if that changes anything..i know it's still a misdemeanor

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Generally, a misdemeanor DUI offense will not preclude travel to the UK. There are other countries, such as Canda, that have more restrictions. To make certain, you can contact an immigration attorney in your area or the embassy.

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