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Wisconsin record expungement

Appleton, WI |

i know in wisconsin a record can be expunged if under 25 and they if it's a class h felony or below. if a record contains two class h felonies, may BOTH of them be expunged if all sentencing is completed? the wisconsin court site states that a record could be expunged but it fails to mention clearly if it's singular as in ONE charge or plural? can i get insight on this?

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It depends whether or not you are talking about two felony convictions entered simultaneously on the same case, or two separate cases resolved sequentially. Under the statute [s. 973.015(1)(c)] a prior felony conviction would serve to bar expunction. Under the same statute, if the offense was a violent felony, a stalking charge, or was a specified crime against children, expunction is likewise unavailable. If a record regarding expunction was not made at the time of sentencing, that may also be a problem. You really need to consult an attorney about the specifics of your case or cases to get a clear answer. Having said that, you never get what you don't ask for, so I would encourage you to investigate the possibility further.

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Contact Clayton Griessmeyer. He is in Verona, WI and should be able to answer your question(s).

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yes, if the judge oks it. It is supposed to be ordered at the time of sentencing, but some judges will still do it. An attorney can help you with the process.

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