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Wisconsin Mortgage Lender: 3 closing dates, innumerable errors, and now we're about to be homeless!

Eau Claire, WI |

We're trying to purchase a house in Minnesota, via a Wisconsin-based small, private mortgage lender. The countless errors have ranged from laughable to intensely aggravating (number transcription, suspect application requests, ambiguity, prorogation, etc.). At no point has her performance even reached "mediocre". We are now approaching fast the 3rd closing date, which looks like it too will be missed. We will then likely lose the house, and will not have anywhere to stay (we've given our landlord an intent to vacate and they have found another tenant.)

Please advise,

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No attorney can appropriately advise you on what to do in a complex real estate transaction based upon one paragraph of information. There are too many issues, too many options, and too many unknowns. I strong suggest that you directly contact an attorney in your area to help you address your situation.

As an aside, I'd add that you and others like you experience difficulties like this because no one is really looking out for you and your interests in the process. Not the sellers, not the lender, not the real estate agents. Only an attorney is focused on advancing and protecting your interests in a real estate transaction. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Good luck to you.

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