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Will you be doing some jail time?

San Carlos, CA |

If you hit parked cars and are arrested for a dui and then let out of jail before your hearing will that person have to spend sometime in jail or be free

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There is no way to answer that question without more information. Was there any injury? Do you have any priors? How bad was the damage? What was your reading? And so on . . See a good lawyer and find out what they say since I practice in NY. Good luck.


In California, a first time DUI does not usually involve jail time. The accident may require jail time depending on the jurisdiction, but most likely it will just result in a restitution hearing where the driver will be required to pay for the damages.

Edward J. Blum


You may end up doing more jail time - it depends. You should consult a lawyer that specializes in DUI defense.


I agree with Ms. Morell. She's excellent or try