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Will Washington extradite from Oregon for mistermeaner Probation Violation?

Mcminnville, OR |

I got a DUI and DWS in Clark county Washington in 2008 and spent a year in SAC court before opting out do to personal problems. After opting out of the program the Judge gave me 3 years supervised probation and 2 years bench. I was arrested for Manufacturing Marijuana and possesion of Heroin while on probation and served 5 on 7 months (pluss 90 days for PV's) in county jail. While in jail I got a letter stating I am "OFF DOC probation". I was told my Probation was finished and moved to DOC during my Probation violation hearing so when I got out of jail I thought I was good to go. I got a call from my probation officer saying im still on "formal probation" and to come in ASAP for a VIOLATION for not checking in within 24 hours of my realese. She wants to give me 90 more days. I CANT DO IT!

I now Live in Yamhill county Oregon and have NO thoughts of turning myself in with a PO that wont listen to reason. She Just doesnt like me and I dont blame her. I guess my question is.. Will they take me back to Washington for bailing out on my Probation? Should I move to the east coast? JAIL IS NOT A OPTION FOR ME!!!

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The unfortunate truth is that the best way to avoid jail time is to get a decent lawyer in the area of the court and go deal with the situation directly. If your only violation is failure to appear and register, your making things worse the longer you delay them.

Even if you live somewhere outside the geographical limitations of the warrant, you are setting yourself up for more future time. For instance, if you lived in Illinois and were pulled over for speeding, the officer would serve the warrant. If you can post the bond, you get a court date in Washington and have to get yourself there. If you don't go, another warrant issues, this time with a higher bond.

When you are picked up on a warrant you cannot post on you sit in the local county jail until the state of Washington formally decides not to come get you.

Get this taken care of now, and save yourself the headache later.

John Yetter


If you want to know whether WASHINGTON will do something, you should post this question in the Washington section, rather than Oregon.