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Will violent offenders receive any type of reduction in their prison sentence with the new laws going into effect?

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Second Striker, Two Violent felony convictions 07/2006. The inmate also told me she was told by a CO in the prison that the 85% have been reduced to 65% and the prison is in process of filing paperwork. How true is this?

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This rumor goes round more and more frequently. It is completely false. Violent felons do 85% time and I doubt that any PO saaid anything different.


No. This old wives tale has been going around as long as I can remember. For a reduction in the custody credits to be effective under the three strikes law, the law would have to have been amended by a vote of the people like in the last election. It hasn't happened or you would have heard it all over the news.

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Mr. Kaman and Mr. Farina both gave competent answers.

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