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Will traveling out of the US while waiting for employment auhtorization as spouse of E1 visa holder affect the EAD processing?

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I plan to move to the US with my husband who will be on an E1 visa.I plan to apply for employment authorization (I believe it is called I-765) upon moving there.The current processing time for EAD seems to be 3 months.I might have to travel out of the US for a week during EAD processeing.One of the things to be submitted with an EAD application is the I-94 obtained on arrival to US.Since I need to turn in the I-94 if I leave the US for a week,I have heard that the USCIS could assume that I have left the country and automatically cancel the EAD processing.Could you please let me know if this is the case?Is there a way I can safely travel or should I not travel out of the US at all during EAD processing?Any advive will be appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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The USCIS will not cancel the processing of your I-765 application if you leave the U.S. while the application is pending.


Your EAD will not be cancelled when you travel.