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Will this citation ever be considered void?

Minneapolis, MN |

Back in April 27, 2009 at 3:30 PM, I recieved a citation for making a turn on to a street where there were no turns allowed from 3PM to 6PM due to traffic congestion. I was going to pay it online but whenever I typed in the citation number, it said the citation didn't exist. Even now September 13th, 2009, it still says it. I called the Pay-By-Phone number (BACK IN MAY) and the woman I spoke to also said it didn't exist. She told me the system was down (BACK IN MAY) and that I had 21 days after it was entered into the court system to pay it, but it still hasn't been entered. This may sound lame, but I don't want to pay until I HAVE to. What could have happened where it's takin this long and it's still not in the system? And will it ever become void or should I keep checking?

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Of course i can not know what could explain your situation. I can tell you that were I in that situation I would keep checking - probably for three years. I have seen cases where police officers either forgot or chose not to send in a ticket to the court. Why remind them if they forgot? Normally it is the cop, not anyone else along the line. I would consider this good luck (so far).

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