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Will this affect getting my permit ? Will it stay on my record ? Can I pay it off with community service ?

Houston, TX |

I crashed yesterday while switching lanes. I was on the far right lane trying to get to the left one to do a u-turn. I switched one by one and when I got to the last one I assumed the car behind me was going to slow down to let me in. I was wrong he ended up hitting my bumper and damaging it. He says he thought i was gonna let him pass before getting in. He decided to get the cops involved. I now have court for driving without a permit/license & unsafe lane change.

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May very well. Have your Attorney look into this.

Providing general answers are meant to help the poster to understand some complex legal concepts and in no way creates an attorney-client relationship.


Contact an attorney experienced in handling traffic citations. If you are convicted fro driving without a license you could be looking at a long suspension of your drivers license


You definitely need to hire a traffic lawyer. They know their way around the traffic codes and can often figure out ways to help keep / get your license.


You should definitely hire a traffic law attorney. It will be be worth his/her fees in order to save your driver's license.