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Will there be other costs like court filing fees during my divorce, or are those included?

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In Orlando, there is a $408.00 filing fee and another $10.00 to have the summons issued if needed.

If it is a contested divorce, there may be other significant fees related to court reporters, documents subpoena and process servers.

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There are filing fees in Florida for a divorce of $408.00. Depending if your case is contested or uncontested there will be additional court fees and costs (for instance, mediation fee, issuance of summons fee, parenting classes (if you have minor children) fees. The best way for you to minimize your costs and expenses would be to try to complete your divorce by mutual agreement and consent.

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In addition to what the other attorneys have listed, there may be costs for a home study to determine which household is best for the children, fees of an accountant, fees for a vocational analyst, fees for a property appraiser to tally up how much your personal property is worth, etc. Divorces can be very expensive.

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There will be a filing fee and there will be the cost of a mediation if the
matter is contested. The cost of a dissolution is directly related to the
complexity of your finances and the level of argument you have with your
spouse concerning alimony, child support and contact, and division of
assets and debts.



As others have said, there is a filing fee required by the State of Florida (to be paid to the Clerk in the Judicial Circuit and County where you file the Petition) of $408.00 + $10 for a summons. If you are indigent, the filing and summons fees can be waived. Each Circuit has a slightly different procedure for applying to have the fees waived. You can get that information from the court clerk where you intend to file.