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Will there be any retroactive law INS deportation?

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When do INS law become active? Per say: LOCAL/ STATE become effect on 1/1/ new year
Will there be any retro active or grandfather clause for Deportations in the near future?
CA Jerry Brown accordingly signed Bill that all illegal people living in US /CA territory will now be able to obtain Driver License ! Good to know so now they can focus on the Census and or Immigration status. I was found by my DL info through DMV by ICE and was immediately removed... Thanks to my misunderstanding of trying to stay good in the DL laws .. Unknowing that the DMV is a dept that can or will give access to ICE dept to seek their ways of finding us undocumented... Bad choice costly for me... Now retro active law umbrella will i be able to seek under this...? i was deported 04/13

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State law doesn't necessarily affect federal laws. Depending on the issue the law usually isn't retroactive and has an effective date when passed. If you're wondering if the DL law will affect your immigration status, it probably won't affect it at all but you haven't provided enough information to respond.

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Immigration laws become effective as described in the law itself. Yes, some can be retroactive ... to some extent. Usually they aren't truly retroactive .. instead they just describe new reasons for being removable.

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