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Will there be a problem if i met my finance through face book but then i did fly to meet him in person some months later ?

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We met through my cousin who was friends with him on face book. He inquired of me and he later befriended me as well. We made kept in touch every few months via face book but it was about 7 months later that interests picked up and we started communicating with visual phone calls, regular phone calls,emails and blackberry messenger. About 4 months after the initial sparks, i flew to his country and we got engaged. It was a huge party and i have lots of mother even joined me to meet his family and for our engagement party. Does the fact that we meet through face book look bad for my case? Will this raise a red flag or cause a denial?

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No. It will not look bad. social media meetings and contacts is a sign of our modern times. In any event, how you initially met or came to know each other is not as important as the events that took place after, which cemented your relationship, particularly your having flown to his country to personally meet with and got to know him. You are OK.

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Thanks you so much...that is exactly what i wanted to know. Yes we meet through facebook but within a few months i flew to meet him and i even brought my mother with me. We got engaged and had and egagment party so i have lots of pictures, phone records, emails, etc. The only issue now is trying to print out details from face book. Thanks for the advice.


So long as you met him within 2 years of filing for the fiance visa, you should be fine. That said, Facebook can be very helpful in documenting the bona fide nature of the marriage. It will take a bit of time to get him here, so please be patient. The general processing time for fiance visas and their consular processing counterpart is about 6-9 months.


I think you omitted some details about your "case." Your question only outlines the details of your courtship and engagement.

Is there a lawsuit or potential litigation involved? A divorce? An alleged crime? Please share!



when i say case i just mean when i file my I 129-F forms. I assume they view each situation as its own "case". There is nothing legal about this issue. I just wanted to know if i state that we met through face book, if it would be a problem if in fact i did go to see him within the two year filing time.


The fact that you met through Facebook is not an adverse factor. Many people are meeting through social networking sites and online dating. The issue becomes documenting the relationship.


I agree with my colleague Mr. Behar. You should consult an experienced immigration attorney for this matter. You may schedule a consultation with an immigration lawyer in your area, my firm is handling these matters in New York. If you would like free legal updates on these immigration issues you may sign up for our newsletter at .

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