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Will there be a jury trial on my character if I have bipolar & I sue the police for misconduct & denial of const. rights?

Pittsburg, KS |

I was wrongfully arrestest & denied all const. rights & I have an attorney wanting to sue the Police dept & county jail. I used to have previous problems w/ my bipolar to where I overdose on my meds to commit suicide several times & would drink when I did so because I went thru a horrible depression. I lost 3 babies, 4 surgeries, a stroke, seizures, lost my ability to drive for the past 6 yrs, the bipolar hit me, the depression hit me to where I got put on meds & the drs just kept changing them on me, I started drinking to self medicate & I also got a dui in another county, not where I live -but I got out of it for a technicality. I have been perfectly happy for over 2 yrs now. If I agree to sue, will they put me on a jury & defame me because of my mental illness even though I see drs stil

I live in a small town and I don't want anyone to know that I have had all of these problems. I am originally from a very large town & now live in a town of 1100 & lost my successful career & that is what thru me into this depression & my bipolar hit me. Plus my neighbor is spreading horrible rumors about me that are not true & is harassing me & had me arrested which is humiliating enough and the cops took out me previous problems on me to punish me. My therapist is freaking out right now because of what I am going thru. But I want them to pay for what they have done to me to prove to everyone that I did nothing wrong. They wouldn't even let me call an attorney. And they will not do anything about the lies my neighbor is spreading on Facebook and having me arrested for a class b misdemeanor for criminal trespassing & harassing me in other ways. I am the one being victimized.

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These are issues you should discuss with your lawyer. They could only bring up these matters if they were relevant to the case. If you testify, and if a judge deems your mental illness to be relevant to your credibility as a witness, you could be questioned about them. Again, your lawyer is the best person to address these issues and to take steps to keep these issues out of the case.

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