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Will the judge send me to jail if I only have 50 hours of community service and no money for the court cost

Raleigh, NC |

I was caught shoplifting from walmart (makeup) went to jail for a night with a larcany charge, went to court and got the first offenders program. 75 hours of service and 500 dollars.

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If this is your first request for an extension, the judge should permit you additional time to complete the community service since you have performed a substantial amount but explain why you have not been able to complete it. You need to figure out a payment plan for paying the court fees and let probation know when this can be accomplished. Hopefully you have an attorney who can explain why you legitimately need an extension. The judge does not have to grant an extension, so when you go to court, dress and act respectfully. Ask if there are any fees that can be waived by the court and explain your financial situation in detail if you will not have the money in a reasonable amount of time. Figure out what you can pay and explain why that is it. The First Offender's Program is a great opportunity. Make sure you finish it to get the dismissal.