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Will the judge grant my child's father supervised visits?

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I do not feel comfortable or that my child will be safe around her father. He has not been present in my child's life until she was 3 years old, he still will go missing and not ask about or see her for months. He is $2,000 behind in child support, smokes marijuana, and drinks and goes out on a daily basis. I have witness statements and pictures backing up all of my allegations. Also, he lives with a girlfriend that has drug charges against her, I do not feel my daughter should be spending the night or around the girlfriend and that type of environment. I myself am married to a man in the military, I have a full time job and do everything for my child. What are the chances that the father will only be allowed supervised visits?

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Guessing how a judge will rule is a fool's game, but you certainly seem to have some of the characteristics that will lead a judge to grant supervised visitation. Remember these cases are decided based on what is in the child's best interest.

These cases are complicated though, and given what's at stake you would be well served to find a qualified lawyer to go with you to court.

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Unless you have some evidence that the father is a danger to the child (other than your personal feelings), the court is not going to require supervised visitations. The pictures that you have may or may not be a) relevant, or b) admissible at your hearing. Without seeing them, I would not be able to say one way or the other. You should sit and discuss your circumstances with a child custody attorney.

Good luck.

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