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Will the city pay for sewer hookup?Theyve been charging me for29 years and we dont have a sewer line.

Portland, OR |

Been paying the city for 29 years for sewer service that we have never had.That amounts to 50.00-80.00/month for 29 years that weve paid for a service that they didnt provide.It is itemized as part of the water bill but it says sewer right on it.We have called in the past with no response.Even at 50.00/month for a service that i never got the total would be twice as much as 8000.00 they want to charge me for the hookup.Seems to me i have paid them enough over the years for a service that i never got that they should take care of the hookup.We were on a cesspool that had nothing to do with the sewer system and yet they were still charging us and wouldnt do anything about it

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I've already answered this and think you've let most of any claim you might have had for overpayment expire.

Here's what you do if you want to make a claim against the city: Check the city's website for an "administrative claim." If you can't find it, call the city attorney's office to ask how to download one. Fill it out and submit it to see if the city will pay for your sewer hookup. Submit whatever photos and bills show the cost and why you think they should pay for this. I'm guessing they won't, but it's pretty standard for cities to deny administrative claims. Once they deny your claim you can sue them in court if you want.

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