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Will the Air force be able to see my DUI and Possession charge if i seal my record?

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I would like to join the Air Force but I got charged with a DUI and Possession at the same time. I have talked to the marines and they told me if it was one or the other I would be okay, if i seal my record and still attempt to join when they do a background check will they be able to see my DUI and possession charge?

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Probably. The federal government has the abilility to get access to records that are ordinarily sealed. This is especially true in cases where a security clearance are involved. Since most AF jobs require some level of clearance they will most likely find it even if you lie about it and manage to get in the service. The consequences of the military discharging you for fraudulent enlistment are not good.


Did you get the charges when you were truly a minor? If not, they can't be sealed.
You need to be up front with the recruiters in any event. You don't want to be charged later with falsifying your application.


I have heard there has been some relaxation of the recuiting standards, but I would be surprised to find you eligible for service in the AF or marines. Your background is always available to scrutiny and as far as I am aware there will not likely be a "sealing" of a DUI charge. Your application requires full disclosure, and as earlier stated, there are serious consequences for fraudulent statements. The services are not granting as many waivers these days. There are other ways of service to your country and I applaude your interest. I sit-down with your local recruiter should inform you more directly.

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