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Will shoplifting affect my next visit to the US?

Medford, MA |

Yesterday I stopped in the mall for shoplifting.I just wore an earrings and forgot to take it off.I gave them right away and say sorry,I didn't mean to steal them.But they also said, that I stole another pair of earrings.They checked my bag and my pickets.They didn't find them.But they didn't find them in the store neither.So they asked my documents. man with uniform came and asked me some questions.They took my passport information.I filled some paper, wrote my name, address and signature. I didn't know what was that, I was too shoked.As they said, it was something that I won't never back this store.Then they just let me go, after I paid for that earrings they couldn't find $9.Actual price 25.They said that I also have to pay fine.But will it affect me next time when I will take usa visa?

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If your actions constitute a crime involving moral turpitude, you will have a problem. Best to contact immigration attorney who does criminal work.


I agree that consulting with a lawyer experienced in the specialized area of immigration law would be wise. My suspicion from what you have said is that you have not yet been, and likely will not be, charge with Retail Theft or shoplifting. IF you already have been charged criminally or receive documents from a court demonstrating such event, then you should immediately be in contact with legal counsel if that had not already been done. Good luck. Btw, you can ignore the letters demanding that you pay a civil demand.


Given what you have said you were not charged criminally. However, the fine they mentioned is not a fine they were probably referring to a civil demand letter. You will most likely get a letter demanding a amount of up to $500. I would just ignore the demand letter, the stores rarely follow through with trying to collect via civil suit. However, if you receive a summons to appear in court see a criminal attorney immediately.

David Newton, Esq.

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