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Will probation extradite me back to NH if im living in florida?

Brattleboro, VT |

i moved to florida to get out from under NH's judicial thumbnail . im supposed to be on felony probation in NH and i couldnt make it anymore and decided to leave the state to make a better life for my family and myself. i just want to know if NH will actualy take the time and money to come and get me if im staying out of trouble and being a productive member of society?

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If you stay under the radar and do not attact the attention of law enforcement I do not believe the probation dept will come looking for you. However, you may be designated a "fugitive" and if stopped for any reason in Florida or elsewhere you may be held until such time as NH makes the decision to extradite. Alot may depend on the nature of the charge for which you are on probation.