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Will police officer call cps on me?

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Me & my baby dad got in an arguement this morning so i called the cops but no body hurt anybody phisically so i dont even know why I called the cops. Stupid me, & they didnt arrest anyone but my son was there during the arguement & i'm scared because they asked me for my sons full name & DOB & i was wondering if why they took my 3 year old sons information. Will they call cps on me? I got arrested 2 years ago by the same officer that came to my house today for a problem with my baby dad & he actually remembered me but the baby has nothing to do in this. Please give me adviced, im really scared cause im a good parent & i love my son & i wouldnt want anybody to take him from me. Thank you so much.

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There's really no way to know what the police will do. It seems that they didn't arrest anyone at the scene of this incident, which is fortunate for all concerned. But they could come back - there's no way to know. So you may want to be ready for a visit from Child Protective Services. I'm going to give some advice that may seem absurd and controversial, but my experience in dealing with CPS (in Oregon, where I practice) does make me believe it's correct. If you want to be ready for a CPS visit, this is what you do:

Clean your house. Make sure you wash your dishes. Buy fruits and vegetables.

I'm totally serious. There is nothing that CPS harps on more, in their reports about unfit homes, than dirty dishes. You have to understand that social workers have a very particular vision, in their heads, of what good parenting is like, and they will react badly when they see parents acting in ways different from it. That vision is bourgeois, middle-class, sanitized, sex-negative, and feminized (which is not to say that they always favor women over men). They react negatively to traits associated with poverty, and that includes messes. (It also includes using phrases like "baby dad," so you might want to watch that. "Child's father" sounds more acceptable to them.) Mind you, a strong case can be made that living in a mess really is bad for children. They're not totally off-base on all of this. But if you want to make a good impression on CPS, make sure you have a clean house, healthy food in your cupboards, and show affection for your children. Of course you should never strike or yell at your children while they're around (or any other time, for that matter). They don't like that either.

Beyond that, there's really nothing you can do to anticipate someone else making a report. If they actually do call CPS to make a report, and you actually do get a visit, then be calm and avoid hysterics. Be prepared to have witnesses who could talk about what a good parent you are and say that accusations against you are unfounded. And, of course, if the CPS people do anything other than leave, you should consult with an attorney in private immediately.

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Contact a local family law lawyer to discuss your options. Also, follow the prior responder's sage advice.

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Mr. Bozdin's answer is absolutely outstanding. Read, absorb, act on it. He is completely correct. What a GREAT answer! Elizabeth Powell

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