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WIll police in La mirada (LA county) pursue a run for shoplifting items less than $55 from Target?

Los Angeles, CA |

I stopped for shoplifting at target with about $55 of food items & ran when security stopped me outside the store. I parked toward the back but got in my car and drove away. They still have my purse but no ID/wallet in it. I have priors for shoplifting & fingerprints in the system (from Target as well). which were reduced to misdemeanors & infractions. Will they likely send in the items/bag for fingerprinting? Do they pursue/ track license plates & security footage for this $ amount?

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The only thing I can tell you is, I've seen cases filed for under $75 at a Target. And that was for a 1st timer, not someone with priors. I think it's safe to say you could see charges here, along with PVs if you're still on probation ot parole. You should contact an attorney or stay up on whatever address your possible IDs could link to. That include fingerprints and other cards. Not saying it's guaranteed they'll find anything but you need to think ahead here.



Thanks for your reply. In your experience, how soon after should I anticipate getting notified? How does it normally work? If they do find out who I am, will they issue a warrant for arrest? Call me in for questioning? If I do contact an attorney before I hear from police is there anything they can do? Thank you so much in advance for your help.


There is no telling what they will do. Every target is different and depends on the type of security staff at the target. I am sure they are not fingerprinting the bag. On the other hand, they may review the video and check license plates. This is especially true of the same type of theft has occurred at various Targets.

You are not in the clear. I'd suggest staying away from ALL targets for a long while.

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Don't post anything that could incriminate you in the first place. GET A LAWYER so you can discuss details in confidence. I suspect they have your video of their stores and can easily pull up your photograph. With a license plate, they can track you down. They report it, then it is up to the police agency to follow through.


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