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Will police come arrest you if you responded to an ad on Craigslist that you would pay for sex ?

Minneapolis, MN |

If it was an undercover policeman you responded to but never actually intended to meet up in person? I sent a message to a poster on CL and asked if she'd take money for her services. Could a police crew come to my house and arrest me?

Thanks for the responses. I just wanted to add the following info: I never gave out name, phone number, address, but I did send a picture to one of them (that may be all the evidence they need, unfortunately). I asked how much they charge for various acts but never set-up an actual get together. They just gave the rate and I said I might be interested and then I did some research and found this to be a very bad idea and deleted all the emails (wouldn't have even started if I knew you could get arrested for merely asking). All this is assuming that I was talking to an undercover agent, but you can never know. Thomas, you do make a good point about how common this must be though. Hopefully I can learn my lesson without actually getting arrested.

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Don't bet on if, but call an experienced defense counsel for free consult.

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It is highly unlikely unless you took some steps to follow through on your request. Consult with a local attorney about the specifics (iI.e. what you said, what she said, etc) so that you can have a peace of mind.

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They usually bust people after their arrival. There could be problems of proof for them, especially if the target remained silent (did not talk at all.) The biggest reason may be that police busting people for prostitution with Craig's List stings is like shooting fish in a barrel for them. They have plenty of good cases. They don't need the stretch.


Could they, technically yes; however, this would be highly unlikely as they have issues in proving you were the person communicating with the undercover agent (assuming it was an undercover agent). During Craigslist stings, usually an arrangement is made to meet somewhere, and that is when the arrests happen. The stings are conducted this way because it is much easier to prove who was sending the emails when that person actually shows up at the agreed upon place.


Hello. Based on your post, generally it would seem unlikely that a 'police crew' will show up at your home. There are issues of proof, and issues as to the level of seriousness of potential criminal conduct on your part (as well as other issues and concerns, of course). I do recommend that you confer privately with an attorney and discuss with her/him the full details of what transpired. Show the attorney the craigslist (CL) written communications. This sort of attorney assistance is known as 'pre charge' criminal defense, even if you never ultimately are charged with any crime with regard to that particular occurrence.

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