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Will permanently disabled individual lose there welfare assistances and/or disability (ssi) if convicted of a felony

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This individual is permanently disabled due to ongoing mental illnesses the felony is being midagated and this individual won't serve time in prison but the DA is pushing the felony conviction this individual will be practically destitute without this assistance and I am not sure of the proper answer to this question

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It is my understanding that you will not lose benefits based on your criminal charge or conviction. However, benefits are not payable during incarceration. Depending on how long you are incarcerated, and whether you are receiving SSD or SSI, you may need to re-file for benefits after you are released from jail/prison. If you are incarcerated for just a short time, benefits may only be suspended for the months that you are incarcerated.


With a few exceptions, generally the individual's benefits shouldn't be impacted unless he is serving time.

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If the conviction is drug related, then yes, it may impact the individual's ability to receive food stamps and other types of welfare benefits. However, as noted by the other attorneys, SSI will only be impacted if the individual is incarcerated.

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Generally, incarceration ( going to prison) is the big issue- that is when SS payments stop. However, dependent children may still be eligible. The incarcerated individual also can get past due benefits up to the date of incarceration.