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Will pending charges appear on a federal background check?

Dayton, OH |

I have a pending charge and I wanted to know would it appear on my bci that is required for a school that I am interested attending. If this shows up I won't be able to attend.

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If it is a criminal level offense (misdemeanor or felony) it likely will be discovered.


Unfortunately, I believe it would. However, you can take the guessing out and order your own background check through the FBI, and see what's on their yourself. Best of luck.

Jasen Nielsen


Usually all pending criminal arrests appear on a criminal background check and the disposition would be blank obviously because the case has yet to resolve. Hopefully the charge is not serious enough to keep you from attending. Good luck.


It would probably show up. I practice in the Montgomery and Greene County area and would be interested in discussing your case with you if you are in need of an attorney to assist you with your pending charges. Good luck.

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