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Will Obama's Executive Order apply in the situation when a wife can not remove her conditional status and ends up in the immigra

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tion court eventually. How is that new law affect people who have been petitioned for a marriage green card and how specifically it applies to the ones who get denied their I-751 removal and end up being out of status. Will that new law help such cases, because if you are out of status it means you're illegal and that law does apply to the illegals. Could you please comment on this specific case

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This is a policy (not law) that has been custom tailored to alleviate some of the pain of "illegals" who were brought here while children, thorough no faint or choice of their own.

I do t think you'll have to come as low as to renounce our green card status a d simply request DACA status. I do not even think you'll be able to do that. Just hire a competent immigration lawyer to get put of this mess you're in .

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First of all, The President's Order is not a new law. Now, either prosecutorial discretion or administrative closure are matter of discretion. Very difficult to anticipate what could happen.


There is no new law for immigrants. There is no one on the horizon either. There is a talk on Capital Hill and by the Administration about some kind of an attempt to pursue a comprehensive immigration reform this year. There is though a change in the regulations called Provisional waiver which allows immediate relatives of US citizens to seek an inadmissibility waiver for an overstay or EWI provided a number of specifically listed requirements are also met.

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Whether or not removal proceedings will be commenced is and always has been a matter of discretion. There are new directives regarding not placing low priority individuals in removal proceedings. The law remains the same. I cannot comment on this case because I do not know the facts.

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