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Will my witness get into trouble?

Virginia Beach, VA |

I plan to bring two witnesses to my DUI case to prove that how many drinks I had on that one night. One of my witnesses want to know if she will get into trouble?

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Not if she tells the truth.


The only way I can imagine she would get in trouble would be if she perjured herself or testified to some fact that would incriminate herself.

The bigger concern I see from your question is that you are attempting to defend yourself on a DUI charge. I strongly suggest that you contact me or some other capable criminal defense attorney to represent you in this matter.

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Not unless the witness is planning on lying in court and perjuring herself.


Your witness could possibly be charged with aiding and abetting a DUI. I've seen vindictive prosecutors do that.

I'm not sure I see the wisdom in having a witness testify you drank alcohol in a DUI case. You have to be careful. Some jurors hold the belief that its illegal to drink anything and drive although that is not the law yet they may hold you to it.

If your defense is that the BAC result is inaccurate you need expert witnesses to attack the accuracy of the test. If you do not have an experienced DUI attorney, get one.

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Not sure why she will get in trouble?

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