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Will my wife be allowed to leave pensacola if she is put on probation for a dui?

Pensacola, FL |

I currently live in pensacola and I am moving to Georgia for transfer. My wife will go to court next week for a dui she recieved in pensacola. If she goes on probation and has to go to classes will she be able to have it all transfered.

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The answer is Yes. Most courts allow you to have your probation transferred or converted to mail in status if you leave the jurisdiction.


Generally yes. Often it's a good idea to let the judge know about the relocation so that the judge may indicate that the court has no objection to your wife moving in the probation order. This can prevent the headaches of dealing with a probation officer about moving.

This is general legal information and not advice. If you need advice, you should contact a lawyer personally to discuss your case.


I agree completely. She should ask for mail in status which is easier to deal with than transferring the probation to another state. that way she is still on probation in Pensacola but does not have to appear every time to meet with the officer.