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Will my vehicle be fixed and or replaced?

Columbus, OH |

I live in Ohio and I don't have auto insurance. I just got the car bot even a week ago and was waiti.g until payday so I could start a policy. I hit someone who ran a stop sign.. she got cited, I did not. Will her insurance pay for my damages??

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You can have a valid claim for personal injury damages or property damage, despite not having automobile insurance. You'll have to work with her auto insurer to reimburse you for your vehicle repairs.

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Assuming the other driver is insured, you should be able to present a claim. You should contact an attorney immediately. Good luck.


You have a claim for property damage and a claim for past and future medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering. You should consult an attorney as to whether there is any penalty under Ohio law for not having a valid insurance policy in place. In California, you are generally precluded from recovering pain and suffering if you did not have liability insurance.

Good luck.

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