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Will my uncle get deported and go to jail?

La Grange, IL |

My uncle was driving wight his girlfriend and he had some drinks. In Sacramento they checked every car, and cops found out he was intoxicated. He was driving his sisters car. What will be the consequence?

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Your uncle needs a lawyer from the Sacramento area. There is n way of knowing whether he will be deported as not enough information has been provided. I will change your practice area to immigration so that the immigration lawyers will be able to answer.

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Can't tell from the little you have shared - we don't even know what his status in this country is. If there were endangerment/aggravated issues or a repeat offense, any possible immigration consequences would be much more serious. If it is a simple DUI and he has a green card, probably not so bad. If undocumented, he can end up in removal proceedings. Contact an immigration attorney ASAP.

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There are a lot of potential consequences since you have provided very little information. Find out what if any charges there are and contact an attorney