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Will my son have to do jail time.

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he was arrested for conspericy comit crime.grand theft of personel property.receving known stolen property.vehical theft.,,he,s never been in jail.he dosent have pryers.what should i expect to happen when i got to court today.on him.hes in jail rightb know.

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If you haven't hired an attorney for him, then he will be appointed a public defender (assuming neither of you can afford an attorney). He will plead not guilty, the PD will ask that he be released on OR or lower his bail, and the case will be set for further proceedings down the road. Talk to his attorney and stay involved - only his attorney, who will have the facts and the police report, can tell you what really to expect with his case. Good luck.

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How old is your son? If he is under 18 and in juvenile court then the proceedings will be much different than if he is in adult court. The punishment in juvenile court is also likely to be much less severe. Please provide some more information so that we can better assess your situation. However, please note, that no matter what info you provide, it is going to be impossible for anyone to tell you with certainty whether your son will do jail time. Better to speak directly with a lawyer about the case and see if you need help.

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Sounds like felonies of the non violent nature. There is a good chance he could get a deal that involves felony probation and punishment, but there is a possibility of prison. In my experience, theft means a drug problem. In that case, I would shoot for felony probation with an in patient program.

If getting him out of jail is a priority, you may have to post bail. I would let his public defender make an argument for honor release today as it is possible.