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Will my probation officer find out If i was arrested in a neighboring county?

Columbus, OH |

My probation officer has me come in like once every three months for a check up. there is minimum contact between us but 4 days ago I was arrested for possessing drug abuse instrument in a neighboring county.. i am on probation for alcohol only so should I just come clean with my p.o ( i have to see her in 3 days ) or not bring it up and hope she doesn't look up my current arrest record.? please help me @

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Probation officers (P.O.s) routinely check, in the course of their service, for arrests and convictions within and outside the county of jurisdiction. Preemptive disclosure is up to you. Sometimes P.O.s will wait to see the outcome of the new charge before violating you. Depends. Probation violations may not result in the imposition of jail time for the new charge. No false hope here. Each case has its own facts.

If you see your P.O. and do not disclose your new arrest during your scheduled meeting, the P.O. will not appreciate your concealment of the arrest that occurred before the meeting. Your new charge is drug related, as was your prior conviction. Might trigger some modification of your probation regarding a treatment program. No guarantees, but, you are concerned with damage control.

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