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Will my probation be violated and what happens next?

Murfreesboro, TN |

I was placed on probation in Rutherford County, TN for simple possession of a very small amount of marijuana and a less than legitimate "theft" charge under $500, under $20 for that matter. I was recently cited for failure to give notice of a car crash and failure to maintain my vehicle, called due care in West TN. These charges don't worry me as much as the accompanying underage consumption charge. I wasn't observed by any law enforcement officer as being under the influence, nor did a take any form of sobriety test as I didn't speak to the police until a few days later. I did, however, admit to drinking earlier in the night that I crashed. I had to; the trooper had done his homework and knew literally everything about that night. Will the charge stick? Consequences? I'm a college student

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First, you should not speak about the facts of a pending case without first consulting a lawyer.

Second, see the terms of your probation order, they specifically lay out exactly what is forbidden and required of you.

A petition to revoke suspended sentence can be filed for violation of any one term of the probation order, even a single violation. An evidentiary hearing will be held and the judge will determine if your probation should be revoked.


You need to consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Picking up new arrests and illegal consumption of alcohol are certain to be violations of your probation conditions. You face the possibility of having a judge determine that you violated probation and placing your sentence into effect. There are many possibilities you are facing, so talk to someone who knows how to handle these matters.


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