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Will my officer be able to tell I was arrested

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I would think your probation officer would have access to court records showing you caught a new charge. You should consult an attorney in your area as soon as possible to assist you. Good luck!

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Yes. Probation officers have access to the jail magistrate's office and receive a print out of the current jail population list every single day. Their computer is also programmed to cross reference the name of their active caseload with those lists for matches. So the best thing you can do is to personally speak with or meet your probation officer with 24 hours of being contacted by law enforcement or being arrested.

You can expect to have an administrative revocation meeting at a minimum and possibly a full revocation. However the sooner you show up and take responsibility for your behavior the better off you will be in the long run.

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It depends where you got the PI. If it's within the same county, I'm sure she'll see it. It's just a question of when. If it's outside of your county, it could be missed. If you're lucky.

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It depends. When you report to your probation officer,you are asked whether you committed any law violations since your last reporting date. Since you we're arrested,there is a record of that arrest. Here's your dilemma - if you admit the PI, you have admitted to violating two conditions of probation. If you lie, and they discover the arrest, you have violated yet another condition of your probation which was to be truthful with your officer. Based upon your record and the fact that you cannot seem to stop drinking, you may need more help than you are currently getting. Don't let alcohol ruin your life. A third DWI and your looking at the possibility of being a convicted Felon. If they discover the new law violation they will file a motion to revoke your probation. If you get notice to appear at 49 San Jacinto, that means your going to jail, and you will want to have an attorney on retainer, and a game plan to be executed. There are options besides incarceration for probation violations. Alot will depend on the court your case is in. There are a couple of judges who lean more toward treatment, than incarceration. If I were you, I would find a local chapter of AA that you feel comfortable with, and begin going to meetings. Be sure and have the group leader sign a piece of paper to prove your attendance. Whether you think it or not, you have an alcohol problem. That is to say,alcohol is causing you problems. Demonstrate a willingness to change, and the judge may just see that you are salvageable, and shouldn't, simply be warehoused with all the other inmates. Hope this helps.

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