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Will my NJ license be suspended, if I receive a DUI in PA, but successfully complete ARD in PA?

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I have a NJ license and received a DUI in PA last year. I have been accepted into the ARD program in PA. I live in PA and I had a couple issues trying to transfer my NJ license to PA. Will NJ suspend my license and give me all the programs, fines to complete as if I got a DUI in NJ?

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I would contact a DUI attorney in New Jersey to find out what the implications would be of ARD in Pennsylvania.


Mr. Cooper is an outstanding DUI attorney and his firm has offices in both PA and NJ. Call him. He and other members of his firm have successfully defended several people I've referred over the years and can absolutely help you make the best out of your situation.

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The NJ DMV can only act on a conviction. If this is your 1st DUI and you are eligible for ARD, consider it a gift and take it. If you meet all requirements, the DUI is dismissed without you ever entering a plea. NJ really has no legal basis to act against you and your insurance rates will remain unchanged. That said if you were accepted into ARD you should also have an attorney and really need to ask him this question to be certain, best of luck.

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New jersey does not suspend for a PA ARD because they do not have a similar type of first time offender's program

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