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Will my license still be suspended if the ticket it was supposed to be suspended for was dismissed?

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Received a notice in the mail that my license will be suspended in roughly two weeks if i didn't pay the balance remaining on a past ticket. Upon dismissal of an unrelated court case, the ticket in question was dismissed within the two week deadline given to pay. Will the DMV still suspend my license even though the ticket has now been dismissed?

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Call Mandatory Actions unit of DMV in Sacramento .

Andrew Roberts (818) 597-0633/ (805) 496-7777


The court and the DMV are two separate entities. Although they're linked to some extent (the court will notify the DMV of convictions, failures to pay, failures to appear, etc.), they aren't perfect. Yes, the court should have sent an abstract to clear the case, but you can't be 100%.

As suggested, you can check with the DMV's mandatory action unit in Sacramento [call (916) 657-6525] to verify they know that your underlying case was dismissed. If for some reason it hasn't been cleared, you may have to go back to court and make sure they sent an abstract to the DMV electronically.

Good luck.

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It should not be if it was suspended. However many things get lost so you will need to be proactive and contact the DMV’s Mandatory Actions Unit.
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