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Will my husband US citizenship application be denied if he abandoned me?

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My husband left me here (Philippines) unsupported and he's currently at the united states. He earned his green card before he was 21 years old through the help of his mother.His mother is legally married here in the Philippines but then married an American born citizen.When me and my husband got married here in the Philippines I was 23 yrs old and he was 24 yrs old. During the year that we got married (September 8, 2007) his mother told him that he needs to go back to united states because his stated reason on a US document, he is only here for education, Again he left Philippines last May (2012) by his mother's help. Before he left Philippines, he began to process on filing our marriage annulment but then left it unattended.Now, if I report him to INS will his US citizenship application w

Now, if I report him to INS will his US citizenship be denied?

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U.S. Department of Homeland Security would make the determination to review your husband's case and pursue action based on the allegation of failure to support one's dependents.


I agree with my colleague.

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